Hello world!

” The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams”  Eleanor Roosevelt.

I am a 39-year-old single mother of an amazing 16-year-old daughter, full-time Wal-Mart worker, friend, sister, daughter, lover, and every other role a woman must put on at any given time.  After high school,  I kinda just hung out thinking I knew it all. Oh Boy! How little I really knew. I finally got married and 5 months later took custody of my niece. Just for 6 months the judge said. Well now we are 16  years later and I still have her. No longer married though.  I do have a wonderful understanding man who I adore.

In March I started thinking about going back to school. Why Not? I am not old, in 2 more years Shay will be gone, so where would I be?  I have always wanted to finish school, and was starting to think that dream I use to have is now a real possibility. So I started checking into all the different types of schooling available. I decided I would try the online school, that is if I could get financing and acceptance to the school. After researching for a few months, I chose to apply to University Of Phoenix, Everest Online.  I knew I wanted to get a degree in Business Administration.

I started the application process on May 3rd. I started my online classes on May 26th. I am now ending my 3rd semester, and have maintained a 4.0 grade average. Sweet Huh?  Not sure what i want to do exactly when I grow up, but I know I want to use my degree in business as well as my love of people to make a difference somehow. Oh well, I can worry about that later.

If you read the quote at the beginning of the blog and said what the heck is this? This is a quote I found right about the time I started back to school, I think of it often. It helps me to remember to dream and to believe. I do believe I have a brighter future ahead, and I can’t wait to see my dreams come true.

Ok, Now you know a little about what makes me tick, but do you know everything?  I am a 100% true G.R.I.T.S.  If your from the south or you know your country terms, you know that means  “GIRLS RAISED IN THE SOUTH”.  I am about as country as can be, I don’t put on airs, or even try to be some one else. I mean why even try? The south is so rich in traditions and culture, that I don’t know how anyone could not adore it.   I love to go to old country auctions, yard sales, estate sales, arts & crafts fairs, fall festivals, and just out riding in the country. You never know what lies at the end of that old back road, or down that dusty dirt road.

What I absolutely love the most about the country lifestyle, is the people. You never know what kinda character your gonna meet. I love to sit and talk with ol’ timers, listen to their stories of days gone by. Of the innocence that has been lost due to new and improved.  I often wonder how did anyone live back before the marvels of modern technology come along. OMG! you had to milk a cow before you could drink the milk. Oh the horror of it.  And going to the out house meant you where going outside to the bathroom. Yes that’s right! OUTSIDE.

What I hope to accomplish by starting this blog, is to bring the country to the internet. To introduce the country life to the world. So go ahead, give it a read through, what is the worst that can happen to you? You lose 15 or 20 minutes of time by reading this. If you like this idea and you love anything country, then come back again and see what I will blog about next. There really is no telling. I mean the south, Now there is a lot of topics to cover. Have any ideas you want me to blog about, leave me a comment and let’s see what I can dowith it.

So now you know more of why I am here. To create the future that I have dreamed of for so long.

Until next time, I want to give you Hugs & Kisses, Love and Wishes!

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