Devil Car!

Last February I bought a used car. Nothing fancy, A 1999 Plymouth Breeze. I honestly think this car is possessed. It has tried very hard to kill me at least 4 times.

The first time, The morning after I bought the car, I was on the way to work. 6:00 in the morning, dark outside still. I had just shifted into 5th gear when my hood flew up completely blocking my view of the road. I knew cars were coming toward me and my mind was yelling don’t go to the left. If you do your going to run into someone head on.  I knew on the right side of the road there was a swamp, so here I am thinking, ok I need to pull off on the on the side of the road, Oh Please don’t let me hit the swamp. Now that would have been really bad.  So peeking through the little space at the bottom of the windshield I managed to get the car off the road. What a relief.  I than sat there for probably 20 minutes shaking and angry as heck.  Not one person pulled over to see if I needed any help. Now where was that country vibe? I sure wasn’t feeling any friendliness at that time.  I get the hood down and get the car back home, windshield totally smashed! Lost a day of work to have the windshield replaced. Ok I am all better now, so I thought.

Two weeks later, my front brakes just up and fall apart as I was driving through town. Now granted Winder is not a huge town, but traffic can be heavy in the evenings. And with no brakes, OH no, I am in trouble.  I find a brake shop and after $375.00 later I have new front brakes. Still living, That’s good.

Now I have made it to May, and would you believe exactly 3 months to the day of the hood incident, Guess what? The same thing happens, hood flew up and busted the new windshield and dent to high heaven. Now is where I am starting to think my car is possessed. Needless to say I still have the busted windshield. Scared to get it fixed, who knows what my car would decide to do that one.

My last little fight with the car, was the rear brakes.  Had my brother come and fix them, wrong thing, car would only drive in reverse when he got finished. So ended up having to go back to the brake shop. Another $375.00 and brakes are working or so I thought. The next morning Lee(boyfriend) took my daughter to school and on the way home, the brakes catch on fire.  Man What else can this car do to me?

I really believe that this car is possessed or just plain out hates me, I have decided that when taxes come, I will be getting a truck. Hope this one is an angel, compared to the devil car I have now.

You have read about my car, now comment me if you think I have a devil car.

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